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History of the Papacy Podcast

with Steve Guerra

119.28: God Is Dead, How Friedrich Nietzsche and the Catholic Church Clashed Over Modernity

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In this episode of the Civil War Center Podcast, host Andy Lucien delves into the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, specifically his critiques of Christianity and the Catholic Church, and how they relate to his Nietzschean Framework. Andy also compares Nietzsche's world view to that of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. First, Andy provides a brief background on Nietzsche, explaining his rejection of traditional morality and his belief in the concept of the "Übermensch," or Superman. Andy then focuses on Nietzsche's critiques of the Catholic Church and Christianity, discussing his famous statement that "God is dead" and how he believed that the Church's focus on morality limited individual potential. Next, Andy explains the Nietzschean Framework, which emphasizes individualism, self-creation, and the pursuit of power. He discusses how this framework differs from traditional morality and how it can be applied to modern life. Finally, Andy compares Nietzsche's world view to that of Dostoyevsky. While Nietzsche rejected traditional morality and focused on the individual, Dostoyevsky emphasized the importance of religion and community. Andy discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each philosophy and how they relate to the human experience. #Nietzsche #CatholicChurch #NietzscheanFramework #Dostoyevsky #Philosophy #Individualism #Übermensch #Superman #Morality #Religion #Community #CivilWarCenterPodcast Today’s Guest: Andy Lucien of the Civil War Center Podcast You can learn more about the History of Papacy and subscribe at all these great places: email: Beyond the Big Screen: The History of the Papacy on YouTube: Get Your History of the Papacy Podcast Products Here: Help out the show by ordering these books from Amazon! Music Provided by: "Sonatina in C Minor" Kevin MacLeod ( "Funeral March for Brass" Kevin MacLeod ( "String Impromptu Number 1" Kevin MacLeod ( "Intended Force" Kevin MacLeod ( Agnus Dei X - Bitter Suite Kevin MacLeaod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Begin Transcript:
February 24, 2023
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Steve Guerra is the host of the History of the Papacy Podcast, which began in 2013. In 2017, Steve began Beyond the Big Screen, a podcast which delves into the fascinating stories behind films through lively interviews.
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