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Parthenon Podcast Network is the premier network for shows about history that will make you examine the story of humanity on a much deeper level. Featuring podcasts that focus on everything from America's key wars to a battle royale among all U.S. presidents, our goal is to connect the stories of the past with the most important issues of the present.

History of the Network

In May 2017, Scott Rank—a history professor and veteran podcaster—launched the podcast History Unplugged. It’s the most in-depth history program of its kind. With more than 500 episodes, it includes interviews with Pulitzer-prize winning authors, historical consultants for films and television, and even research scientists who’ve studied genetic mapping of population movements in the ancient past. Discussions are as in-depth as a Joe Rogan interview, cerebral as a NPR program, and as dryly funny as a Season 4 episode of The Office. No historical subject is off-limits: episode topics include everything from a 24-episode mini-series on the military history of the Civil War to bad puns and dirty jokes in Ancient Greece and Rome.

The success of History Unplugged led to the creation of an entire network of shows for history fans. The current lineup of podcasts includes Key Battles of American History, History of the Papacy, Eyewitness History, This American President, History of North America and more!

Hear What Our Listeners Are Saying
This is by far the best history podcast for any history fan. [Host] Scott Rank is a professional historian with an acute sense of what appeals to those of us who are not professional historians but enjoy understanding historical episodes. Very perceptive in his questions that his audience likely have. As a former academic, I can say that he threads the needle perfectly through academic inquiries and questions we all have about so many historical events. Jack J. for History Unplugged
This podcast really gives a personal feel to the events involved. I enjoy history but find the detachment from events that happened prior to my birth as a wall between truly understanding something as it really happened versus the romanticized impersonal version that exists in our heads. This podcast is the next best thing besides actually going back in time to interview those involved in real time. I would highly recommend it to those looking for a human touch to substantiate one’s understanding of events of our past. Jim McManus for Eyewitness History
I started becoming very interested in history after the passing of my father, a history buff and army veteran. Now that I’m no longer able to listen to him spout off fun facts, talk about war movies, or just go on and on in general about some war or another, I’ve found podcasts like these really help fill that space. I’m no history buff and still have so much to learn so I really appreciate the 10,000 foot view format of your episodes. Thank you for recognizing that need and giving people like me a great podcast to learn from. Love the positive energy and humility. Thank you James and all who are featured on the podcast episodes! Rachael Mundell for Key Battles of American History
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