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116p Retrieving the Real North African Church with Dr. David Wilhite

January 07, 2022
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Episode 116p Retrieving the Real North African Church with Dr. David Wilhite

Description: Today is the last episode in our Summer of Scholars series. It lasted a bit more than just the summer, but it also started late in summer! Dr. David Wilhite, Ph.D., of Baylor University Truett Theological Seminary joins us today to talk about the Church of North Africa during antiquity. We have talked a lot about North African Christianity in this series, so I highly suggest you go back and listen to our episodes with Dr. David Eastman for more background and context. In this episode, Dr. Wilhite will lead us through a specific text and issue in the North African Church between the Donatists and the Catholic party about a generation before Augustine. It is a fascinating time and place in Church history.

About Today’s Guest:
David Wilhite, Ph.d author of The True Church: Retrieving a North African Sermon on the Song of Songs and many other books.

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Begin Transcript:
[00:00:00] Thank you for listening to the history of the papacy. I am your host, Stephen. We are a member of the Parthenon podcast network, including Scott ranks, history unplugged James earliest key battles of American history, Richard Lim’s, this American president, and more go to Parthenon to learn more.
I'd like to quickly mention Patrion, of course, and your support really, really, really helps this whole operation keep going in. And I just love it. If you just consider two. Donate on forward slash history of the papacy in the new year. There's four tiers, Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, and Rome.
You get inclusion on the history of the papacy diptychs bonus audio, video [00:01:00] content, and much more just head over to forward slash history of the papacy to learn more. Now, let us commemorate the Patrion patrons on the history of the papacy. Diptychs we have Roberto Yoren, William Bryan, Jeffrey, Christina, and John and Sarah at the Alexandria level.
We have Dapo Paul, Justin, and Launa all of whom are magnificent at Constantinople and reaching that ultimate power and prestige that of the sea of Rome. We have Peter the great. Today is the last episode. And our summer of scholar series, it lasted a bit more than just the summer, but it also started late in summer.
So I'll take it that we got a little bit of a late ending too. But anyways, for today, we are interviewing a great scholar, Dr. David Wilhite of Baylor university's Truett, theological seminary to talk to us today about the church in north Africa, during antiquity, we've talked a

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