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History of the Papacy Podcast

with Steve Guerra

116o Baptism and Original Sin with Professor James Papandrea

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Episode 116o Baptism and Original Sin with Professor James Papandrea

Description: In today’s episode we are going to lay out the fundamentals and history of baptism in early Christianity. We will also take a look at how the earliest Christians understood sin and Original Sin.

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Begin Transcript:
Steve Guerra: [00:00:00] Thank you for listening to the history of the papacy. I am your host, Steve, and we are a member of the Parthenon podcasts network. Are there members of the Parthenon podcast network includes scout ranks, history unplugged podcast, James Early’s key battles of American history. Look for some interesting things coming out of there and Richard limbs, this American president go to Parthenon to learn more.
We are on forward slash history of the papacy. There's the four tiers, Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople, and Rome inclusion on the history of the papacy. Diptychs as one of your bonuses for joining the show, you'll get audio and video bonus content, Pope coin coming soon. Book drawings, early content ad free content and more so definitely sign up early.
So your name can be a higher on the list of the history of the papacy. Diptychs. Now [00:01:00] let us commemorate the Patrion patrons on the history of the papacy. Diptychs we have Roberto Goren, William, Brian, Jeffrey, Christina, John, and Sarah at the Alexandria. We have Dapo Paul, Justin, and Ilana, all of whom are magnificent at Constantinople and reaching that ultimate power and prestige that of the sea of Rome.
We have Peter, the great, I am very excited to be joined once again by professor James Papandrea. All things early Christianity, Dr. Papaandrea's, professor of church history and historical theology at Garrett evangelical theological seminary at Northwestern university. He has an excellent YouTube series on the early church call.
The original church, you can find it at or in the show notes. You can also find many of Professor Papandrea’s lectures on YouTube, as well as you have heard and will hear today, he has a really entertaining style and [00:02:00] presents information. Anyone from the person with the casual interest in church history, all the way up to an academic expert can enjoy and great gig great information from, I may not be an academic or a scholar, but as a time teacher, I can tell you that's a tall order from any teacher teaching any topic.
In today's episode, we are going to lay out the fundamentals and history of ba
December 31, 2021
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Steve Guerra is the host of the History of the Papacy Podcast, which began in 2013. In 2017, Steve began Beyond the Big Screen, a podcast which delves into the fascinating stories behind films through lively interviews.
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