History of North America
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EXTRA 2.1 The Dead Letter (Prologue & Chapter 1)

May 07, 2023
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Denary Novels, Book Two — Many of you have asked me to produce audio versions of each of the Denary Historical Books I have authored—a 10-volume international historical mystery and suspense thriller series titled Denary Novels. Since my Denary books are heavily immersed in history and connected with North America, I’ve decided to present the entire series in podcast form, for FREE. In other words, every episode designated with the word EXTRA is fully dedicated to the audio version of Denary Novels, starting of course, with the first book in the series. When one is finished, then I simply move on to the next Book. Those of you who are not fond of historical fiction, can simply skip these EXTRA episodes and continue enjoying my regular History of North America shows. I do, however, hope you will join or continue with me on this exciting literary adventure which continues with Book Two, titled The Dead Letter. 

Get FREE access to this novel’s accompanying visuals, including maps, charts, timelines, photos, illustrations, and diagrams at https://patreon.com/markvinet          Watch Book Two’s official Video trailer at https://youtu.be/4PjRSziLxE0 

THE DEAD LETTER by Mark Vinet (Denary Novel featured in this episode) is available in Large Print at https://amzn.to/3AG63BG                                                                Denary Novels by Mark Vinet are available in Large Print at https://amzn.to/3j0dAFH 

Support this series by enjoying a wide-range of useful & FUN Gadgets at https://twitter.com/GadgetzGuy and/or by purchasing any product on Amazon using this FREE entry LINK https://amzn.to/3k8qrGM (Amazon gives us credit at no extra charge to you). It costs you nothing to shop using this FREE store entry link and by doing so encourages & helps us create more quality content. Thanks!

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
For decades, Mark Vinet has pursued his passion for 'entertaining education' as a historian, author, professor, scholar, radio host, lecturer, researcher, podcaster, and enthusiastic traveler. He presents eclectic topics in a positive manner with respect for family, faith, and freedom. His traditional approach is refreshing and uplifting in times of radical historical revisionism. Mark's ultimate goal is painting a colorful canvas that illuminates the past to make history accessible and fun for everyone!

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