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The Presidents of the Roaring Twenties Part 2 | The Triumph and Tragedy of Warren G. Harding

April 08, 2024
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Few presidents have been as mocked and vilified as Warren G. Harding, but few have examined the difficult circumstances he faced upon entering office -- an economic depression, social unrest, and violent extremism. During the 1920 election, Harding had pledged to address these problems and lead America into an era of "normalcy." In this episode, we examine how successful was in fulfilling that promise.

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Host: Richard Lim
Producer: Michael Neal
Artist: Nip Rogers,

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Meet Your Hosts
Meet Your Hosts
Richard is a writer and history enthusiast who has served at the White House and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate.
Meet Your Hosts
Michael is a consultant and a freelance podcast producer.
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