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Murder Incorporated - The Canary that Could Sing But Couldn’t Fly

August 02, 2023
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Title: Murder Incorporated - The Canary that Could Sing But Couldn’t Fly

Original Publication Date: 8/2/2023

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Description: In this episode, Mustache Chris and Steve dive into the dramatic end of Murder Incorporated and the shocking demise of its notorious hitman, Abe "Kid Twist" Reles. Join us as we explore the aftermath of Reles' mysterious death and the impact it had on the infamous crime syndicate. From the gritty streets of 1940s New York to the courtroom battles that followed, we uncover the secrets and twists that unfolded in the wake of Murder Incorporated's demise

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[00:00:00] Welcome to Organized Crime and Punishment, the best spot in town to hang out and talk about history and crime. With your hosts, Steve and Mustache, Chris.

Welcome back to the program and thank you for joining Mustache, Chris and I as we weave our way through the fascinating story of the Industrial Lies Death Machine, murder Incorporated, we are approaching the end of the story of Murder, Inc. We are finally going to see the downfall of Murder Inc. And it will be confirmed that man can't fly.

But they can sing. Each of these episodes in this series on Murder Inc. Can be enjoyed and listened to [00:01:00] individually, but altogether they tell, uh, and Weave a really fascinating story of Murder Incorporated, the Mafia's Killing Machine. But let's move on. There's another character, Charles Workman, and he has a really interesting trial where, um, Abel will come in again.

Yeah. Charles Workman is a. It's an interesting case in the demise of, uh, murder Inc. Uh, cuz it's one of the few that didn't actually end up, up in the, in the death penalty. Uh, Workman was one of the hitman in the, uh, uh, on the Dutch Schultz hit. Uh, And the trial opened up in, uh, uh, June, 1941. And, uh, yeah, a bras was, uh, testifying at this trial once again, uh, and on this case.

But like, uh, a young lady also made an appearance too. She, uh, she used a pseudonym. So we don't actually really, we don't know her name. Um, She testified that like workman, uh, showed up to like Dutch's apartment [00:02:00] the day after the murder, like demanding his clothes so he could burn them. I think literally was saying that like, I need to burn his clothes.

She also said that like workman would like openly talk about. Killing Dutch around like her and like on the streets, you know, like bragging like, look, I took out Dutch soul. It's like, what an idiot. Like are you, do you know what I mean? Like, what do you, like I said, like some of these guys are not the smartest guys in the world.

Like if I'm him and I took out a guy like Dutch Souls, like I'm out of town for at least a couple months. Do you know what I mean? Like, just get out of there. Don't go, don't be anywhere near there. But I don't know. Some of these guys, they, you know, Was a, just to kinda use an example, a math Tory, we had talked about earlier, and apparently he didn't even know the street that the Statue of Liberty was on because he was saying, you know what I mean?

Like he was so like closed in like his little community. Like, you know, it's like you live in New York, like how do you not. I don't know. It just, some of these guys are just not very smart. Um, yeah. And then the, [00:03:00] this is where it kind of gets a little bit like I, it gets a little bit interesting. So, uh, like

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Meet Your Hosts
Meet Your Hosts
Steve Guerra is a historian and podcaster who hosts three different shows. He started with the History of the Papacy Podcast in 2013. In 2017, Steve began Beyond the Big Screen, a podcast that delves into the fascinating stories behind films through lively interviews. His newest show, Organized Crime and Punishment, takes a deep dive into the roots, evolution, and impact of organized crime across different cultures and countries.
Meet Your Hosts
Mustache Chris is the co-host of Organized Crime and Punishment. He is from the True North, born and bred in Toronto, Canada. Some say he bears a striking resemblance to Gambino Crime Family associate Chris Rosenberg, but we'll leave that up to you.
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