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Chilling Portrayal: The Iceman's Legacy on Film

August 23, 2023
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Title: Chilling Portrayal: The Iceman's Legacy on Film

Original Publication Date: 8/16/2023

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Description: In this episode of Organized Crime and Punishment, Mustache Chris and Steve delve deep into the chilling world of the critically acclaimed movie "The Iceman." This episode dissects the mesmerizing portrayal of the notorious contract killer Richard Kuklinski by Michael Shannon and disentangles the intricate web of organized crime he was a part of. From the gritty streets to the suspenseful courtroom scenes, we analyze how the film captures the chilling reality of a man leading a double life – family man by day and ruthless hitman by night. Tune in to explore the moral dilemmas, the complex characters, and the parallels to real-life criminal enterprises. As we explore the shades of gray in the criminal world, we raise questions about justice and punishment. Join the conversation using #RichardKuklinski #TheIcemanMovie #ColdBloodedKiller #ContractKiller #RealLifeCrime #TrueCrimeStory #OrganizedCrimeSaga #CriminalMastermind  as we unravel the cinematic portrayal of organized crime and its consequences. You can learn more about Organized Crime and Punishment and subscribe at all these great places:


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[00:00:00] Welcome to Organized Crime and Punishment, the best spot in town to hang out and talk about history and crime, with your hosts, Steve and Mustache Chris.

In the last couple of episodes, Chris and I talked about the real history and background of mobsters Richard the Iceman, Kuklinski, Roy DeMeo, and his famous crew. Today, we're going to talk about the 2012 film based on these events, the Iceman starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, and more. So I really want to share a quick comment from our last YouTube live stream from one Wolfgang Schmuck.

That's a great, [00:01:00] that's a great, uh, YouTube name. So, um, he says the guy on the right has the most perfect, clean looking mustache I've ever seen. Uh, mustache. How you doing? Oh, doing good. I'm pretty, uh, like the rest of my friends and family make jokes about the mustache. I've had it for so long now. I just, I'm just going to keep it.

I'm never getting rid of it. And apparently, uh, somebody else pointed out that I look like, uh, Chris Rosenberg. And then I just, we were just looking at a picture and I was like, yeah, it's actually a little bit uncanny. Like his eye, like his hair is longer and stuff like that. But. I mean, I see it in the eyes, and then the mustache, I mean, there is definitely some similarity there.

Wait, when did Chris Rosenberg die, and when were you born? Are you Chris Rosenberg reincarnated, maybe? I don't know, it'll be for the people to decide. Now this movie, uh, The Iceman, I have to say, it has, [00:02:00] I watched it probably more or less when it came out, and I liked it. This movie has so grown on me, to, to maybe it's one of my favorite mob movies.

Of all time, because I wouldn't say just overall, it's not the most accurate movie I have ever seen, but it really captures something about the times, about Richard Kuklinski, and about what else was going on in the New York mafia scene in the 70s and the 80s. What did you think in your first couple of watches of this movie?

Like you, when it first came out, I watched it right away because I heard about Richard Kuklinski. Michael Shannon, I always kind of, I've always enjoyed his acting, so I just, I watched and I enjoyed it, but, and I knew a little bit about Roy DeMeo and like a little bit of the history, but not a ton. But like, since doing like the 2 kind of deep dive background episodes and really [00:03:00] reading about that particular area and time period of the m

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Meet Your Hosts
Steve Guerra is a historian and podcaster who hosts three different shows. He started with the History of the Papacy Podcast in 2013. In 2017, Steve began Beyond the Big Screen, a podcast that delves into the fascinating stories behind films through lively interviews. His newest show, Organized Crime and Punishment, takes a deep dive into the roots, evolution, and impact of organized crime across different cultures and countries.
Meet Your Hosts
Mustache Chris is the co-host of Organized Crime and Punishment. He is from the True North, born and bred in Toronto, Canada. Some say he bears a striking resemblance to Gambino Crime Family associate Chris Rosenberg, but we'll leave that up to you.
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