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116n A Very Cadaver Synod Christmas – Again!

December 24, 2021
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Episode 116n A Very Cadaver Synod Christmas – Again!

Description: All the way back in 2019, a much simpler pre-pandemic time, Dr. Max Gulker and I presented you a unique Christmas present. That year, we looked at the Cadaver Synod and the Dark Ages Papacy from the lens of an economist. This year, Max and I are joined by Dr. William S. Monroe. Dr. Monroe is the subject librarian for Medieval Studies and other related subjects at Brown University. While doing that, he also completed a Phd from Columbia University, with a focus on the life, career and afterlife of Pope Formosus of the Cadaver Synod fame. Dr. Monroe wrote the book on the Cadaver Synod. Almost any video, cartoon or anything you read or watch will have used Dr. Monroe’s years of research on the Cadaver Synod as a main source. After the first Cadaver Synod episode, Max and I had so many questions hanging out there, we had to talk to the man himself! Dr. Max Gulker is a multiple time guest of the History of the Papacy Podcast. He is a Senior Fellow at the Reason Foundation. He holds a Phd in Economics from Stanford and his research focus is on poverty and social policy. I am very honored to be joined by Dr. William Monroe and Dr. Max Gulker. I really think you will enjoy this episode and I wish you a Merry Christmas! Share the present of the Cadaver Synod with your friends and family. They will never be able to thank you enough for sharing this incredible piece of history!

About Today’s Guests:
Dr. William S. Monroe

Dr. Max Gulker

Cadaver Synod Christmas 2019:

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