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Voice Acting Legend Discusses Dexter, Johnny Bravo, Her Incredible Memoirs, and More!

November 02, 2023
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We had the pleasure of interviewing the talented voice actress Candi Milo. We delved into her extensive career, the art of voice acting, and her new book, "Surviving the Odd."

Candi is the voice of many characters that will be known. Among them, Dexter of "Dexter's Laboratory", characters on "Johnny Bravo", "Foster's Home for Imaginary Creatures" and many, many more!

The Craft of Voice Acting: Explore the world of voice acting as Candi shares her experiences and insights into the craft, from character development to vocal techniques.

"Surviving the Odd": Learn about Candi's new book, "Surviving the Odd," and its unique perspective on life, personal growth, and navigating the minefield of mental health.

Balancing Life and Career: Candi discusses the importance of finding balance in a fast-paced industry and shares her thoughts on perseverance.

Advice for Aspiring Voice Actors: Candi offers valuable advice to those aspiring to enter the world of voice acting, emphasizing the significance of dedication and authenticity.

Upcoming Projects: Get a sneak peek into Candi's future projects and what's on the horizon for this talented voice actress.

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