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Eyewitness History

with Joshua Cohen

Renowned FBI Special Agent and Lex Fridman Interviewee Talks Silk Road, Training, and Cybercrime

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A former FBI Special Agent, Chris Tarbell specializes in cyber investigations and incident response. As a case agent with the FBI’s preeminent cybercrime squad in New York, he led some of the most groundbreaking cybercrime investigations in the world - including the arrest and prosecutions of Anonymous and LulzSec leadership, and the founder of the notorious Silk Road underground marketplace, the latter of which resulted in the largest seizure of bitcoins to date.

As a computer forensic examiner with the FBI, Chris engaged in rapid-response investigations all over the world on matters related to terrorism, botnets, and other cybercrimes. In 2009, Chris joined the FBI’s renowned cybercrime squad as a Special Agent in the New York field office. He was the lead investigator on several of the Bureau’s most complex and cutting-edge cases, including the takedown of the billion-dollar, cryptocurrency-based drug marketplace “Silk Road” and the arrest of its founder, and the investigation and arrest of the leadership of the Anonymous/LulzSec hacking crews.

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January 10, 2023
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Meet Your Host
Josh Cohen is a journalist and commentator living out of the Midwest.

He has written for a number of reputable publications.

His fascination with history is in the story of our existence and how it is told. Keeping the tradition of storytelling alive in Eyewitness History is what drives him.
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