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Eyewitness History

with Joshua Cohen

"Nixon Had Fallen Flat On His Face"; James Reston Jr. Gives His First Hand Account Of The Frost/Nixon Interviews

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In 1976–1977, Reston was David Frost's Watergate adviser for the historic Nixon interviews which forced ex-President Nixon to apologize for his Watergate crimes and remains the most-watched public affairs television program in broadcast history. (The Watergate interrogation had an audience of 57 million viewers.) Touted in an April 1978 Playboy article as Frost's "top gun," Reston wrote an 80-page interrogation document for Frost, before the Watergate interrogation that included tapes of incriminating conversations between Richard Nixon and his aide, Charles Colson that surprised Nixon and allowed Frost to take control of the interchange. Reston's book on the historic interviews, The Conviction of Richard Nixon, is the basis for Peter Morgan's play Frost/Nixon, in which the Jim Reston's character is the narrator.
In October 2019 he published his diary of the last six weeks of the Nixon presidency which he wrote in 1974 when he came to Washington from North Carolina to witness the impeachment drama. Its title is The Impeachment Diary: Eyewitness to the Removal of a President.

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October 18, 2022
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Josh Cohen is a journalist and commentator living out of the Midwest.

He has written for a number of reputable publications.

His fascination with history is in the story of our existence and how it is told. Keeping the tradition of storytelling alive in Eyewitness History is what drives him.
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