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Eyewitness History

with Joshua Cohen

"Fyre Festival Cost Me Over A Million Dollars"- Producer Andy King Talks Setting Up The Festival, Waterbottles, Customs, and Billy McFarland

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Now a meme for the "services" he was willing to provide for the good of the festival, King provided viewers of the Netflix version with arguably the most memorable moment of the documentary.
King is a complicated figure in all of this. Serving as Billy's mentor for many years, he continues to remain optimistic about Billy's character, despite everything. King has mostly continued the life that he lived before Fyre, as Co-Founder and Event Producer for his company Inward Point - although, with a newfound celebrity-esque status. He has also made it a mission to do some good with this recent attention, using his platform to promote Maryann Rolle's GoFundMe, as well as another that aims to pay back all of the Bahamian workers involved in the festival - people who do not have as much to fall back on as he, and others on this list.
Find out more about Andy at
October 04, 2022
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Josh Cohen is a journalist and commentator living out of the Midwest.

He has written for a number of reputable publications.

His fascination with history is in the story of our existence and how it is told. Keeping the tradition of storytelling alive in Eyewitness History is what drives him.
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