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"For President Bush, It Was Six Days A Week"; A Retired CIA Officer Tells His Story

June 07, 2022
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Mike Croissant is a retired CIA officer, historian, and author. Prior to his retirement from the CIA in 2021 after a nearly 22-year career, Mike served as a political analyst in the Directorate of Analysis and as a targeting officer in the Directorate of Operations. He served multiple tours of duty in the Middle East and South Asia, and his work in counterterrorism focused on every major foreign terrorist enterprise of the past two decades, including al-Qa’ida, ISIS, the Taliban, and their affiliates. In recognition of his efforts, Mike was awarded the CIA’s Career Commendation Medal upon retirement. He is also a published author of books and articles on security issues in the former Soviet Union, and a nonfiction book about World War II is forthcoming.

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Meet Your Host
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