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Klaus Fuchs: Traitor or Man of Conscience

January 13, 2022
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Title: Klaus Fuchs: Traitor or Man of Conscience

Description: We are joined again by Michael Holzman author of Spies and Traitors and many other books on the topics of espionage, spies and deceit at the highest levels of government during the 20th century. Michael Holzman is going to guide us through the fascinating life of another spy, Los Alamos and Manhattan Project scientist Klaus Fuchs. We will try to figure out what Klaus Fuchs motivations were for providing important secrets to the Soviets.

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Michael Holzman author of:
Spies and Traitors: Kim Philby, James Angleton and the Friendship and Betrayal that Would Shape MI6, the CIA and the Cold War

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, [00:00:00] this is beyond the big screen podcast with your host, Steve Guerra. Thank you again for listening to beyond the big screen podcast. Of course, a big thanks goes out to Michael Holzman, author of spies and traders among other great books on espionage during world war two and the cold war links to learn more about Michael Holzman and his books can be found in the show notes.
A great way to support beyond the big screen is to leave a rating and review on apple podcast. These reviews really help me know what you think of the show. Other people learn about beyond the big screen to learn more about the Parthenon podcast networks and great shows like Scott ranks, history unplug James Early's key battles of American history, Richard Lim;s, this American president, and more can be [00:01:00] found at
You can learn more about beyond the big screen, great movies and story. So great. They should be movies on Facebook and Twitter by searching for. A to Z history, you can contact me there, or just send me an email to my email, address, steve@atwosiehistorypage.coml inks to all of this and more can be found at
I thank you for joining me again beyond the big screen. And I think you're going to enjoy this one today.
Thank you for joining us today. Again, I am very excited to be joined again by special guests, Michael Holzman, author of the books, spies and traders, Kim Philby, James Angleton, and the friendship and betrayal that would shape the CIA and the cold war. Uh, Michael Holzman is the author of numerous books, [00:02:00] including James Jesus Angleton, the CIA and the craft of intelligence biography.
Guy Burgess and one on Donald and Melinda McLean, as well as the novel packs, 1934 to 1941. Today's episode is kind of a, uh, add on to our episode when we talked about Jason. Jesus Angleton and Kim Philby today, we're going to talk about another spy and trader who affected the entire trajectory of the cold war scientists, Klaus Fuchs.
The focus of most of your works is on cold war history and particularly spies and espionage during the cold war. How did you become interested in this topic? It's more or less an accident? I drifted into it. Um, I was interested. And ideology the way in which the ideas to. Basically, usually a dominant group affect the actions of everyone within that [00:03:00] group and everyone that's affected by it.
So, uh, a very good example of how that works. It's the, these groups of people, um, who are involved in espionage, not from. But because their beliefs, uh, Kim Philby, who we talked to about

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