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"I'm Gonna Fight For A World Championship. I'm Gonna Win"; Former World Champion Talks James Toney, Winky Wright, And More!
January 24, 2023 - 43 min
Bronco McKart is a former professional boxer who competed from 1992 to 2014 and held the WBO light middleweight title in 1996. McKart is best known for his trilogy of fights against Winky Wright.

Nicknamed "Superman", McKart turned pro in 1992 and in 1996 captured the WBO Light Middleweight Title by beating Santos Cardona by TKO. He lost the title in his first defense to Winky Wright. In 2000, he would have the opportunity to avenge the loss, taking on Wright in an eliminator for IBF Light Middleweight Title. Wright won a dominant decision. In 2002 the two re-matched again, this time for Wright's IBF Light Middleweight Title. McKart was disqualified after trailing severely in the fight. In 2004 he took on WBA Light Middleweight Title holder Travis Simms, but lost a decision. In 2006 he was knocked out by the then undefeated prospect Kelly Pavlik. He fought Anthony Mundine at Palms Casino Resort on 14 July 2012. McKart retired in 2014.

Acclaimed Director Nicholas Meyer Talks Influencing The Nuclear Forces Treaty & "The Highest Rated Television Movie Of All Time"
January 17, 2023 - 52 min
Nicholas Meyer is an award-winning author, screenwriter and director. His body of creative work in publishing, film and television spans more than five decades.

Meyer’s most recent Sherlock Holmes novel, The Return of the Pharaoh from the Reminiscences of John H. Watson, M.D. was published by Minotaur Books in November 2021.

He’s the author of seven previous novels, including The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1975), a Doyle pastiche in which Sherlock Holmes met Sigmund Freud. The novel sold more than two million copies, stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for forty weeks, and won the British Gold Dagger award from the British Crime Writers’ Association. Two years later, Meyer received an Academy Award nomination for his screenplay of the eponymous film, which starred Nicol Williamson, Robert Duvall, Alan Arkin, Vanessa Redgrave and Laurence Olivier.

Meyer made his directing debut in 1979 with a film he wrote, Time After Time, starring Malcolm McDowell, Mary Steenburgen and David Warner. He went on to direct Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Other directing credits include Volunteers (Tom Hanks, 1986), The Deceivers (Pierce Brosnan, 1988), Company Business, (Gene Hackman, 1991), Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country (Christopher Plummer, 1992) and the HBO film, Vendetta (Christopher Walken, 1999). His screenplays include Sommersby (Richard Gere and Jody Foster, 1993) and contributions to Fatal Attraction (1987) and Dreamworks’ Prince of Egypt (1998).

His other books include Target Practice, which was nominated for an Edgar Award, and three other Holmes pastiches, The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols (2019), The West End Horror (a New York Times bestseller) and The Canary Trainer; as well as Confessions of a Homing Pigeon. Meyer’s memoir, The View from the Bridge: Memories of Star Trek and a Life in Hollywood, was published in 2009.

Meyer directed ABC’s The Day After (1983), which remains the single most-watched television film ever made (100 million people in one night) and was nominated for fourteen Emmys. Additional work includes a two-part miniseries, Houdini (Adrien Brody, 2014) based on his father, Bernard C. Meyer’s biography. He is the co-creator of the Netflix series Medici—Masters of Florence, starring Dustin Hoffman, and worked on STAR TREK: Discovery for CBS Access.

For more information, go to his website here:
Vlogging Through History: Military Executions During The Great War
January 16, 2023 - 12 min
Over 300 men were executed by the British Army for desertion and cowardice during the first World War. In this episode preview from Vlogging Through History, host Chris Mowery explores the process for executions and the stories of the men involved.

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Renowned FBI Special Agent and Lex Fridman Interviewee Talks Silk Road, Training, and Cybercrime
January 10, 2023 - 40 min
A former FBI Special Agent, Chris Tarbell specializes in cyber investigations and incident response. As a case agent with the FBI’s preeminent cybercrime squad in New York, he led some of the most groundbreaking cybercrime investigations in the world - including the arrest and prosecutions of Anonymous and LulzSec leadership, and the founder of the notorious Silk Road underground marketplace, the latter of which resulted in the largest seizure of bitcoins to date.

As a computer forensic examiner with the FBI, Chris engaged in rapid-response investigations all over the world on matters related to terrorism, botnets, and other cybercrimes. In 2009, Chris joined the FBI’s renowned cybercrime squad as a Special Agent in the New York field office. He was the lead investigator on several of the Bureau’s most complex and cutting-edge cases, including the takedown of the billion-dollar, cryptocurrency-based drug marketplace “Silk Road” and the arrest of its founder, and the investigation and arrest of the leadership of the Anonymous/LulzSec hacking crews.

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"It Looked Like A Civil War Battlefield"; Showtime And ESPN Boxing Analyst Talks Tyson, Ali, "No Mas", And More
January 3, 2023 - 39 min
Steve Farhood has been around the Sweet Science for 34 years, most of which have been spent as editor-in-chief of “The Ring”
and “KO” magazines.

Farhood works as an on-air analyst for Showtime’s “ShoBox” series, “Showtime Championship Boxing,” and the syndicated
“Broadway Boxing” series. He also writes a column and features for “Boxing Monthly,” for which he serves as associate editor.

“My work on ShoBox has been so much fun,” Farhood said. “I love watching prospects develop, and since its inception in 2001,
the series has showcased a handful of future world champs. And besides, what else is ever going to bring me to places like Concho,
Oklahoma, and Lincoln City, Oregon?”

Farhood assumed command of “The Ring” in 1989, when London Publishing bought the title. “The Ring” subsequently regained much of
the luster that was lost during the magazine’s financial struggle in the ‘80s. Farhood resigned the position in September 1997 to pursue
other interests, specifically in the broadcasting industry.

In 1980, Farhood launched “KO” magazine.

A ringside fixture at big fights, Farhood has served as an on-air analyst for ESPN, SportsChannel, Top Rank Boxing,
and "Heavyweight Explosion," and regularly contributed to the USA Network’s “Tuesday Night Fights.” He also worked for five years as
CNN's boxing correspondent,and has contributed to boxing broadcasts on Fox and CBS.

Bonus Episode: Happy New Year, Listener Feedback, and A Request
December 28, 2022 - 4 min
What stories or events do you want highlighted on the show?

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"When I Was There, Another Plane Hit, And By The Time We Got There..."; Retired EMS Tells Us The Conditions At Ground Zero
December 27, 2022 - 50 min
This episode, I speak with former FDNY EMT Ivonne Sanchez.

Ivonne is a retired FDNY 911 first responder. She's also a cancer survivor and member of the FealGood Foundation. She tells an amazing story about her time arriving at Ground Zero, dealing with the after effects, which included breast cancer, and her work to get the Zadroga bill passed.

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Teenage Dirtbag Songwriter Tells Us The Origins Of The Song, The Controversy It Created, And Gives Us A Special Performance!
December 20, 2022 - 40 min
It's hard to believe it's been over 20 years since Wheatus released their debut album and still ubiquitous single "Teenage Dirtbag.” Yes, that’s right - Dirtbag is no longer a teenager. In honor of this anniversary, Wheatus are releasing a new and expanded edition of their now classic debut album. Says Brendan B Brown, “We found demos of ten more songs from throughout the band’s history, that had such an album-one vibe that they never made it on to our more recent records. So now we’re giving them a proper chance to be heard. The twenty-song version of the album will feature the originally-conceived track listing and sequence, plus the extra ten songs that have finally found a home on a record.”

Pandemics notwithstanding, the band continues a seemingly endless tour cycle. 2019 took Wheatus on a coast-to-coast, almost entirely sold-out tour of America opening for (and then collaborating with) Mike Doughty on his Ruby Vroom 25th Anniversary shows. That tour culminated in a super-special sold-out hometown headline show where the “classic” line-up of Wheatus reunited for one night only – their first time on stage together in 18 years. After that, the current line-up flew to South Africa to play some festivals, and then headed to Europe and the UK for another six weeks of touring. 2021 saw the band travel all over America, supporting Everclear, Hoobastank & Living Colour on the Summerland Tour.

2022 saw the band explode back into the mainstream with the "Teenage Dirtbag" trend going hugely viral across social media, with over a BILLION views in less than a month. The song has been shared & celebrated by Lil Nas X, Brooke Shields, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Alice Cooper, Jon Bon Jovi, Chevy Chase, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mark Ruffalo, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Heidi Klum, Lady Gaga, Sammy Hagar, Nick Kroll, Mark Ronson, Lupita Nyong'o, LL Cool J, Tony Hawk, Vitoria Beckham, Machine Gun Kelly, Anderson Paak, Jessica Alba, Mick Fleetwood, Millie Bobby Brown, Sheryl Crow, Chris Pratt, and Jamie Lee Curtis... to name a very select few.

The future, as always, remains uncertain. But the band looks forward to many more shows in the very near future, including visits to every corner of the earth that's interested in hosting them.

Find out more here:
History Unplugged: Alexander's Postwar Plans
December 19, 2022 - 16 min
If Alexander The Great Hadn’t Died, He Might Have Conquered Europe, Circumnavigated Africa, and Built His Own Silk Road

“And Alexander wept, seeing as he had no more worlds to conquer.” That’s a quote from Hans Gruber in Die Hard, which is a very convoluted paraphrase from Plutarch’s essay collection “Moralia.” Despite the questionable sourcing, there’s plenty of truth in that unattributed quote from Mr. Gruber.

Alexander the Great’s death at 323 BC in Babylon marked the end of the most consequential military campaign in antiquity. He left behind an empire that stretched from Greece to India, planted the seeds of the Silk Road, and made Greek an international language across Eurasia, all in 13 short years. He became and remained the biggest celebrity in the ancient world, probably only replaced by Jesus a few centuries into the Christian era.

But what if he had not died as a young man? What if he had lived years or decades more? How much more influence could he have had? We have clues about Alexander’s plans for the future – and they come from Greek chroniclers Diodorus and Arrian, writing centuries after his death. They include conquering the Mediterranean coast all the way to the Pillars of Hercules (Rock of Gibraltar), building a tomb for his father Philp that would be as large as the Great Pyramid of Giza, and transplanting populations from Greece to Persia and vice versa to unite his domains through intermarriage.

To explore this hypothetical scenario is Anthony Everitt, author of “Alexander the Great: His Life and Mysterious Death.” We look at the life of the most influential person in the ancient world, and explore the ramifications of his life having even more influence.

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"Sort Of Unwittingly, It Was Preparation for 9/11"; Charles Stanley Jr Helped Direct Response Teams
December 13, 2022 - 43 min
Charles E. Stanley Jr. is the author of the book, Lost Airmen: The Epic Rescue of WWII U.S. Bomber Crews Stranded Behind Enemy Lines. He spent 22 years researching and writing the book and has interviewed and collected original material on most of the 132 airmen involved. He has also contributed articles to Fox News and to newspapers and magazines across the country.
The author holds a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from the University of Buffalo, a master’s degree in international studies from the University of South Carolina, and completed further post-graduate work at the University at Albany. He has held a number of key positions in New York State government, serving as an aide to Governor George Pataki during the State’s response to the 9-11 World Trade Center disaster. He has taught graduate-level courses as an adjunct professor at Marist College.
An internationally recognized expert on US Airmen downed in Yugoslavia during World War II, he has been consulted by the National Museum of Contemporary History, Ljubljana, Slovakia. He has also been interviewed by several radio stations and podcasts.
The author’s experiences during the 9-11 World Trade Center disaster, plus unpublished archival records, interviews of other participants, and the detailed journal he kept as he directed aid to the emergency response teams, will be the primary sources for his second book.
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