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David Meets Goliath on the Ice – Miracle 2008

February 10, 2022
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Title: David Meets Goliath on the Ice – Miracle 2008


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Begin Transcript:
, [00:00:00] this is beyond the big screen podcast with your host, Steve Guerra. This is part two of an episode discussing the story behind the 1980 miracle on ice team USA. Men's gold metal hockey team as portrayed through the 2004. Miracle. I highly suggest you listen to power. One of this episode before we drop the puck on power too.
Don't worry. We'll be waiting for you beyond the big screen.
Per Brooks got this team together just when they're getting ready to go to lake Placid for the Olympics, they played a series of games against different teams. How did those turn out for the team USA team did her Brooks [00:01:00] demonstrate and those early games that they were ready to take on the Soviet juggernaut team two to two examples.
One is famous. Anybody who knows the story is going to get to know this one. They play. Team Norway. And they tied them three to three. And Herb's mind that is a game they should have won outright. No two ways about it. They should have destroyed team Norway because Hurd had been training them so hard that they were in the best shape of their lives.
He said that you might not be the most skilled team in this. But I swear to God, you will be the most conditioned. And it's, it's funny. I have to deviate for a second with my own local team, the blue jackets, we got a new president of hockey operations a few years ago. I don't know if he consciously borrowed this from herb or if it was just the planets aligning or what, but he said, you know, we might not be the most talented team out there, but we will be the best condition we will [00:02:00] play all, all 60 minutes.
And I thought that was a really good way to do it. Cause you can lose a game. And the flick of a switch. I mean, it, it's, it's very easy. And so you, you, you want to play all out all the time and, um, and that's what herb was doing to them and getting them in shape for, because. If they couldn't do that against a quote unquote puny little team like Norway, how would they ever do it against the very best against the Soviets who were routinely beating all-star teams from the NHL?
How could they possibly accomplish that? If they, if they can't beat team Norway, he caught several players looking into the stands and this is featured in the. Uh, looking at some attractive young ladies and thinking about where they'd like to take them for dinner. And herb, herb caught him and he says, at the end of this really embarrassing three-three tie, you [00:03:00] don't want to skate during the game.
You'll skate right now. So, uh, they, they get back on the ice and then that is what leads to the famous Herbie's in the dark. And, uh, he skates them, skates them into the ground red line to red line, red line to blue line. So on and so forth down the length of the ice. And when they're done, he has them do it again and again, and again, and again, he just, and he's yelling at him the whole time.
He wants them to get t

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